Beyond Borders: Moroccans in Britain and America

Project Editor: Dr. Khalid BEKKAOUI

Moroccans in Britain

Abdelwahid Anoun, Ambassador to Queen Elizabeth I, 1600




 Ambassador Jawdar Bin Abdallah, 1637




 Ben Heddu, Ambassador to Charles II, 1682




Moroccan Ambassador Abghali, 1725




Ambassador to England, Admiral Abdelkader Perez, 1723 - 1737






 Moroccan Jew in England.



Moroccan Peddler in London, 1800


Moroccan Jew, Dr M. Edrehi, member of the Talmudical  Academies of London and Amsterdam, and author of An Historic Account of the Ten Tribes Settled Beyond the River Sambayton, first edition published in London, 1833.




 Moroccan Acrobats in London, 1843



The Moorish Emperor's Physician visits Britain, 1846

Male and Female Moorish Acrobats in England, 1851





 Ambassador Zebdi, 1876



 Moulay Ali and Moulay Ahmed on a visit to London with their mother, 1890s





Ambassador Al Mahdi Al Mnebhi, London, 1901





Ambassador Al Mahdi Al Mnebhi in London, 1901 





Ambassador Ben Abdessadek, 1902






 Trademark of a Moroccan trader in Manchester.






Sketch of a teapot by Aaron Afriat, Moroccan trader in Manchester.




Abd Al-Rahman Hajji, Moroccan Merchant in London, 1920s





 Letter by Aaron Afriat from London to Simon Levy at Mogador, 1939




 Princess Lalla Fatima Zahra, daughter of Sultan Moulay Abd Al Aziz and wife to first Moroccan Ambassador in England, Moulay El Hassan Ben El Mehdi, 1958





 Illustrated London News, 1965