Beyond Borders: Moroccans in Britain and America

Project Editor: Dr. Khalid BEKKAOUI

                   Moroccans in Britain & America

Project Description

This project aims to shed light on Moroccan travellers and immigrants to Britain and America from the early modern period to the first half of the 20th century. It explores Moroccan cross-cultural encounters with and experience in the Anglo-American world. Moroccan travellers brought with them to these countries Oriental cultural productions and knowledge about Islam. Another aim of the project is to understand how Moroccans understood and interacted with the wider world and how their identities were refashioned beyond borders.


                            Project Editor

Dr Khalid BEKKAOUI is Professor of English and Cultural Studies in the Department of English at the Faculty of Letters Dhar al Mahraz, Fez, Morocco and director of the Moroccan Cultural Studies Centre. His publications include Signs of Spectacular Resistance, The Female Captive, Imagining Morocco, and White Women Captives in North Africa.

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 World Map by Moroccan Geographer  Al Idrissi